New Beginnings

Unfortunately, as the owner of this blog, I have not updated this in over a year. However, this may be the last post I do for this blog…ever. Thank you to all who have followed this blog in the past. Although there weren’t many posts, what has been posted is a good reminder of the past. As this may be the last post, I would like to make it known that it was great while it last. However, I do not wish to continue. Thank you again for all your support. Remember to always follow your dreams for they may take to new places.


Apple iPad Event – March 7, 2012


It’s Leap Day!

It’s February 29, 2012 and that means it’s a leap day! Every 4 years this happens and I wanted to say that it’s awesome to be posting today! If you are you were born on a leap year, you understand that this is a special day. I however was not born on February 29th, but on June 25th. I am stating that 1992 just happened to be a leap year hence why I feel like I have some connection to people born today

Today, you must spread awesome around the globe. February 29th is a rare occurrence that comes every now and then. Thank you to all of the people who came together to make this day great! With today being special, just remind yourself how great it feels to be alive. You never know when that will be taken away. Just keep on being the same person you’ve always been. Don’t change a thing! Being unique is one of the many traits that make for an awesome person.

Now, before I go too far, I want to take some time and thank all of my readers! If you have stuck with me this far, congratulate yourself! Here’s to another great year! Live life to the fullest and don’t forget to be awesome!

TLDR: Hackintosh, Photography, Shredders, and Analytics

Friday, February 24, 2012

  1. Are Hackintosh Computers Legal?
  2. How to Get a Refund from the App Store
  3. #FellowesInc PowerShred 79Ci Paper Shredder Review and Giveaway
  4. Top 10 Photography iPhone Apps
  5. IDrive: One-stop Backup for All of Your Devices and Computers
  6. Vs. Google: a Web Analytics Showdown (Of Sorts)
  7. A Gnomie is A Gnomie – Back Link of the Day

Every weekday at 3:00 PM PST, The Lockergnome Daily Report or TLDR for short air live on YouTube. Above this article you will find the links to the full-length video and the subordinating articles. When it’s time, Chris Prillo, and his girlfriend Diana Morales, grace us with the geekiest show on earth. Although it may not seem like it, there is a lot of work that goes into TLDR. Chris is doing this at his own volition and we as a community should respect that.

The stars of the show is not just Chris and Diana, but the Gnomies who are a mastermind group designed to help bring people together by providing the resources to be successful. Whether is be a small business or a budding entrepreneur, the Gnomies are there to help anybody that needs it. One of the perks is that the IRC chatroom is featured throughout the entire show. To access this, one must go to the Gnomies home base directing his or her browser of choice to However, there is a catch. Chris doesn’t just hand out subscriptions. There is a price to pay which for some is affordable, but to those who can’t join due to limited finances, there is always the chatroom on YouTube.

After 15+ years, Chris has provided the Lockergnome community with free content. Isn’t that enough of a free trial? For some people it isn’t. Don’t expect everything in life the be free. Even at $97 USD, the annual plan is quite affordable. People, that’s once a year!  All of the benefits that can come from becoming a Gnomie will shock the non-believers. Shoot the moon and join today! Are you on board?

Call to Action – iPad 3 Script Leaked

It looks like we may have found the diamond mine when it comes to Apple rumors. As it would appear, there has been a leak of the script relating to the iPad 3. What do you think? Is it a fake or could it be the real thing?

Let’s explore this situation further. For all intensive purpose this leaked script is real. How will Apple to this happening? It’s déjà vu all over again. We saw the iPhone 4 leaked and sold after being found in a bar and again with the iPhone 4S. I’m stating to suspect that somebody on the inside is doing this on purpose. Come on! It shouldn’t be this easy to bring something out into the open! Again, why would Apple allow such an important document to be leaked! We all know something is about to go down!

If Apple handles this situation in their typical fashion, we’ll see them track down who leaked the document, seize their computer and possibly bring them to court. If that were to happen, we may just have to ask ourselves, “What is wrong with Apple? How could somebody get away with leaking something of this velocity?” Apple really needs to get their act together and being the person to justice!

After reading the preview, it seems that this document could be real, but you never know in this day and age. With yet another leak, I still trust Apple to do the right thing. However, Amazon is also at fault for allowing this confidential document from Apple to be placed onto the Kindle Store. It’s a shame that it’s being sold for $0.99 USD. Somebody is obviously trying to make money off this which is illegal. Bring this person to justice and they shall pay! As well all know, Apple doesn’t like to give out information about new products.

As noted above, I think that it’s Amazon who should be charged initially as they have allowed this to be on their network. It’s going to be a fun time to see Apple and Amazon go head to head in court. Even if it doesn’t get to that degree, we know that they will end up there anyways. Apple seems to like suing the heck out of every competing company. It’s not the end of the world for the script of the iPad 3 to be released, but it is bad enough that legal action needs to be taken. Why on God’s green earth would Apple just sit back and take this? This is serious, but more importantly, it’s illegal.

Here we are where ever story ends. However this ending is different. Apple had an internal document leaked and this is completely wrong. The person at fault will be found. It’s a matter of time. Lets hope for the best and hope both Apple and Amazon come out in the end. This is going to be a long battle in the legal department.

Please take some time a comment below! It would help me so much! Until next time, don’t forget to be awesome!

An Introduction – Who Are We?

Welcome to The Tech Files! We hope that you are in a comfortable position before reading on. It might be a bumpy ride along the way, but we are a group of people dedicated to technology and its awesomeness.

Hello, my name is Alex and I am here today to tell you how The Tech Files operates. Simply put, we take content from other users and add our own original ideas. We focus on what’s hot and what’s new. Let’s say there’s an interesting video, we review it and write a little synopsis on what we think said video is about and state our opinions. With direct access to original content made by the geek community, we are able to help by way of promotion and leaving our thoughts so that others may enjoy the same content.

Although we have done blog posts before, this is truly the first one we can say we are proud of. Before, it felt like I was regurgitating the same old story, but in a boring and unorganized fashion.

At this point you are probably asking yourself, “Why do I care?” We’ll tell you why you should care. We at The Tech Files are dedicated to bring you the top tech news from all over the word. May it be the United States, Canada or any other country, we want to make sure our growing community knows about what geeky things out in this world we call home. Agree or disagree, we are here for the long run. If you don’t like the content we post, you don’t have to read anything. A view is a view no matter what. You dislike it, but oh well, you still viewed it. Every view counts.

Lastly, being geeks ourselves, we know how hard it is to be labeled the “smart ones” and though in some cases it may be true, we are not. Some of us may really be nerds, but a mix of both is the reason we have so many content producers. Look at the people around you. At least a portion of them may be geeks, but one can never assume. Being a geek means that you are not afraid of diversity. Geeks may have biases towards a certain product or technology, but that doesn’t mean we don’t consider the “other side.” Someday, as apparent already, geeks shall inherit the earth!

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